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Vas Bes emerged as an Author, Speaker and Self Love Success Coach following a two year battle with a terminal illness and the abandonment of her long term partner. She found herself alone and unable to walk or talk, writing became her solace, her strength, and her safe space. Self-love saved her life.

Alone in her isolation, Vas Bes began looking for answers to life and the challenges she faced.  She credits her miracle recovery and transformation to her “7 Ultimate Secrets to Real love Success“. Her secrets gave her the strength she needed to become strong in mind, heart, body and spirit again to gain the self-love and self-worth she required to build the strength and resilience essential to her survival.

Vas Bes is now on a passionate mission to Inspire, Impact and Educate women with her Self-love Success message, and to share her secrets to attaining Self-Love Success. She believes that women globally deserve to know their worth, own their value, raise their standards and be respected.

Vas Bes founded the “7 Ultimate Secrets to Self-love Success” workshops and retreats for women, to facilitate the transformational power of finding self-love, and to educate women on how to use her Secrets to Self-love Success to gain confidence and live a life they love. Real love starts with loving you.

To become your greatest version and achieve self-love success, connect with Vas Bes today.
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