Women's Autumn Leadership Summit

April 17, 2018


A deeply life changing experience took place for me in November of 2016. I was at the Austin hospital liver transplant unit and I was dying! Yes dying!


My partner of 7 years left during that exact same time! I began to unravel in my deepest darkest despair wondering how and where to pick up the pieces of my life. Life as I once knew it, completely changed overnight! I could not walk or talk and I lost my voice (two years now and I am still healing). It was during this deeply life changing experience that I decided to delve deep. Where does one turn in this state?


As I crawled around my apartment determined to make it, my inner guiding voice was strong. I never wanted any other woman to ever have to endure the painful situation and desperation I had to endure. I had found my calling - a mission to make sure my 7 Ultimate Secrets to Real Love Success - created whilst dying, were shared to save the lives and hearts of women globally.


I am looking forward to speaking about self-love at the Women's Autumn Leadership Summit May 4th-6th 2018, where I’ll be sharing my story about how self-love literally saved my life.

I will share my experience on how to become, love and live who you really are, including:
- The importance of breaking through social conditioning to become who you were born to be
- Learning to love the imperfectly perfect you
- Using your signature strengths to achieve authentic happiness, create more flow and feel that what you do in life matters.


I look forward to seeing you all at the Women's Autumn Leadership Summit


Much love and gratitude
Vas Bes x


Women's Autumn Leadership Summit
$429.00 includes all meals, workshops, yoga, meditation and accommodation. This is a work life balance summit for women
Included is a $30 donation to this retreat to help women who have been through abuse https://www.facebook.com/restartyourliferetreat/
Day One
- Check in from 4pm 4th May Networking / wine / supper
Day Two
- Five Speakers on leadership topics
- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner catered for
- Salsa Party in the evening wine and nibbles included
Day Three
- Five speakers on self care, self love, yoga, meditation and leadership, health and wellness and confidence building

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